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Upcoming Training Opportunities


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Private training with Sifu Winkle!

Every Friday, in Bloomington

Attendance must be arranged in advance.
Cost of class is $150 to be divided equally among attendees (more
students/less cost, fewer students/higher cost but more individualized
attention) for up to 4 students. Larger groups (a maximum of 6 students) priced at $35 per person. Arrange your own group or let us set one up for you.

Classes will cover techniques, drills and training exercises designed to
maximize your potential.

90 minutes with one of the best martial arts instructors anywhere, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity!

To arrange a class, contact:
Dwight Deckard
dwight (at) martialconcepts (dot) com


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Doc has a mention in New York Magazine this past week, it starts at the bottom of page 4, you can download a .PDF here.

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Dr. Winkle just accepted the position of President of the International Tactical Officers Training Association (ITOTA).  The ITOTA is an international association for all tactical operators including law enforcement, corrections, military, and private contractors.  Our mission is to create a network of information sharing between tactical operators world-wide and to provide high-quality training to our members.  Contact Dr. Winkle at for more information.

July 28 & 29:  Dr. Winkle will be keynoting the Nevada Football Officials Association Clinic at Carson City, NV.

Every Friday Night!
Resumes May 18, 2007
Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning & Sparring Class
Contact:  Greg Lucas 812-277-0717


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Dr Winkle's "Clandestine Laboratory Operations: Training for 
Close Quarter Combat" article was just posted on
Tactical Weekly


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12-1-2005 - Dr. Winkle has an article on Outdoor & Woodland Tactics at Swat Digest. Check it out. has posted an article by Dr. Winkle.