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Martial Concepts Fundraiser for END7

We started this fundraising campaign as a way for our martial arts family to give something back to the world community. Many of the arts we practice originated in areas affected by these diseases. This is a way for us to help END7 end the suffering of more than half a billion children. Please support our campaign -- anything you can give is a big help. Click here to learn more about the END7 project and to make a donation for Team Martial Concepts.

MMA Workshop with Jason Winkle

Sifu Winkle will be covering position control, transitions, striking and CQC will be covered. Improve your ground game for competition or the street!

HPER 095, IU-Bloomington

Cost:$25 ($30 by check or credit card)
Equipment: MMA or bag gloves and focus mitts recommended. Some equipment will be made available.

1/8/2011 Belated congratulations go out to Jonas Schrodt, our newest Apprentice Level Instructor. Congrats Jonas, you've worked hard to earn it!

12/13/2010:  Memberships are open!

Members of the Martial Concepts Association are entitled to: $5 off on seminar attendance fees, discounts on private lessons with Sifu's Winkle and Deckard, access to members only areas of the Martial Concepts website (including training videos) and members only discussion forum. Membership is also a requirement for promotion testing in the system.

Be sure to enter your desired Username under the "Enter Your Note" link on the Paypal payment page, otherwise one will be assigned for you. Your login info will be sent to your Paypal email address unless you specify differently in the note section. Allow up to 72 hours for us to process your submission.

Membership is only $25 per year. 

12/09/2010:  We have a new shirt available in our Cafe Press store:

Available in Gray, Natural & Light Blue. Women's sizes available in Pink, Light Blue & Light Yellow. $20.99 each.