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Band Biography:

Thanasphere was originally formed in 2008 under than name Pariah. The band then consisted of Luke LaFontaine, Evan Pruitt, Ashton Morris, Corwin Deckard, and Niko Albanese. Pariah was well received after winning the 2008 YIA Battle of the Bands and began the long transformation that led them to where they are today. Since they formed, Thanasphere has gone through several lineup changes, a name change, and a killing spree involving many old songs deemed too crippled by birth defects to carry on.

Currently, Thanasphere is made up of it's strongest lineup to date consisting of Doug Johnson and Corwin Deckard on Guitar, Dimitri Kalpakidis on Vocals, Niko Albanese on Drums, and A.J. Flynn on bass. They are hard at work writing new material while hitting the studio to bring forth their first full length album, expected for release in June.


"[Thanasphere] brings back the true spirit of metal!. An amazingly talented group of dedicated musicians delivering raw hard-driven music that would please the likes of any Iron Maiden or Pantera fan. Lead and rhythm guitarists Corwin Deckard and Ashton Morris provide virtuous interludes keeping the music invigorating and leaving listeners in constant anticipation. I have not witnessed such well d...eveloped metal guitar solos since the genre powerhouses Anthrax, Megadeth, and Metallica were in their hayday during the heart of the american movement of the 1980's. The melodic intro to their popular song Fall To The Ashes transports the listener into a lucid journey. The vocals, by Dimitris Kalpakidis are a unique blend of deep and ear shattering high tones. [Thanasphere] is comprised of young musicians with an incredibly mature sound. They are musically tight, and demonstrate their levels of comfort live on stage. They write well crafted, memorable songs, performed with an incredibly passionate delivery" - B.A.M. The Siren