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Lyrics Preview

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In honor of the new website, here's a snippet of the lyrics for one of our upcoming epics:

Many ages ago
When I was just a lone traveller
By chance I came upon
A planet gone red with the threat of oblivion
I set a course for the source
A man gone bitter, a ghost from the past
Grown fat with a power
That none should ever wield with trust
I met with this man
And so it began

The skies quaked with rage as I rattled his cage
A beast in his cave faced with a chance to be saved
He blazed in his shame as I reminded him his name
Peeling away the blame
He sent forth his fire rising up in a spire
A conflagration to burn away his true face
I turned and I grinned and I offered my hand
To this faceless tyrant, and said to him this:
Find aid in this hand or force in this fist

And so it goes and so it went
And so it begins again

He laughed at the thought and declared my conceit
Raising his laser beam he demanded that I kneel
"I gave you a choice!" I called as I ran
It was just then that my true plan began
I would drop into silence, awaiting the chimes
Two men bound by time, awaiting the blip in our line
Alignment of cause for effecting the blind
The motion begins with a drop of blood

**This is only around half of the song, expect an epic battle.**